By how many °C would the earth warm up to by 2050 if every company were as emission-intensive as...

And how do you manage your company in regards to its emission intensity?

A precise degree of warming can be deducted from calculating your greenhouse gas emissions and gross value added. We call this figure X-Degree Compatibility, XDC is the short form.

How to use your XDC?

The XDC metric assists your company’s leaders as well as your risk, strategy, sustainability and communication teams in identifying climate related opportunities and risks. It also helps assess what actions need to be taken, set goals, evaluate the appropriateness of actions taken and report on your company’s progress to investors and stakeholders.

Simple calculation

The XDC webApplication reduces the complexity of calculating your standard XDC to a minimum.
With a few clicks you will be able to figure out where you stand.

What are your peers doing?

For the calculation of each Standard XDC, the same assumptions are made about the emission development and economic growth of a company from the base year onwards. This allows you to perfectly compare yourself with your sector.

What does it take to reach the 2.0°C target or the 1.5°C target?

Part of the evaluation of the Standard XDC is an emission reduction pathway which gives you a feeling for the challenge of achieving an XDC of 2.0°C or 1.5°C.

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